69, Frunze Str.
Kiev, Ukraine
tel.: +38 044 591 13 69+38 044 591 13 69

Open from 14 till 8 p.m

Sunday and Monday - day off


Since 2005, gallery "TSEKH", received thousands of spectators, realized hundreds of projects, began to work with dozens of collectors and has taken under wing” seven resident artists. Gallery activities could be divided in the tree main lines: the exhibition activities, supervision, publishing projects.

"TSEKH" - the only gallery in Ukraine with strategic goal of opening new names in contemporary art, from the first presentation till the status "star". It is not situational but focused logical way.

In all countries, culture is an indicator of society development, its democracy and tolerance level. Contemporary art can form a positive image of the country. Therefore, one of the strategies of "TSEKH" gallery is a promotion of contemporary Ukrainian art in the international stage. "TSEKH's" mission is not only to participate and form a civilized art market, but also creating a positive image of contemporary Ukrainian art, facilitating the transformation of cultural policy and public demand for contemporary art.

"TSEKH" provide the best opportunities for creative individuals to realize their creative ideas and in such way make an artistic and intellectual life of city and country more visible and relevant. We engage the wide range of professionals: artists, curators, critics etc. The "TSEKH" gallery space as one of the largest and most professionally equipped in Eastern Europe - an excellent resource for creating actual art projects, including the using of new technologies, installations, big personal and group exhibitions.